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About Zinnia Consulting

Walden HallEstablished in 1999, we are a team of experienced business people, who have come through the ranks to perform at a senior level in a variety of industries, including: manufacturing, retail, hotel and catering, arts, media, public sector, finance, education and IT.

Working from our beautiful premises in Walden Hall, or with clients at theirs, we train and coach to the highest industry standards, and work to a strict code of conduct, which guarantees honesty and confidentiality - both at company and individual level - at all times. Doing an outstanding job is paramount at Zinnia, and for that reason we will only take on an assignment where we can be sure we will deliver. Testament to this, is the fact that 95% of our clients have come to us through personal recommendations and referrals, and over 60% of them are still with us today.

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