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About Peter Denny

Peter Denny is a skilled coach and management consultant with 30 years experience working at senior levels in both the private and public sectors. He is a qualified MA and MBA who has worked as a senior management consultant with KPMG Peat Marwick McLintock and as a Senior Manager in Local Authorities.

His career has spanned both public and private environments giving him an excellent understanding of the interface between the sectors.  He has led engagements with a range of clients, including developing a simplified and effective corporate strategy for an international company, and management and computing reviews for universities, leading to the adoption of common integrated management systems for universities. He led the reorganisation of a Local Authority to establish a new structure which was held as a model of best practice.

His key strength is in systems review and development of organisations.  He is highly creative and innovative, combining leadership and drive to support individuals and organisations. Peter is a founder and original investor in a successful software company ‘Dat-Lab’ producing an electronic notebook for the pharmaceutical industry.

''Being coached by Peter has been a truly life-changing experience. After six months, I have a much better work life balance and am more effective at work. I would recommend coaching with Peter to anyone who genuinely wants to improve their quality of life.''
Angela Wedgwood
Education Professional

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